Building a Platform for Family Voices

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Introduction by Megan Briggs, Director of Family Services

The Family Services Team is kicking off a series of blog entries that are submitted by the families that are involved in one of our programs. As a team, we felt that it was important to give a platform for our families’ voices to tell their own stories and own reflections about their experiences and perspectives. Afterall, the power and determination to succeed lies within them. To begin our series, we are sharing a submission from the Pottstown Community Action Committee, a group of neighbors that we have been working with to increase the quality of life in Pottstown. One of the group members, Howard Charles, wrote the below value statement and the group came up with their core values at our last meeting. Howard and his wife Charlotte are not only active in this group, but also serve as the Assistant Caretakers of the Barth Elementary School gardens run by Mosaic Community Land Trust. In addition, they work actively on voting issues. Howard and Charlotte have been a huge asset to this group, as each member contributes their own skills, experience, and perspective to make an impact. The Pottstown Community Action Committee is kicking off their first project which will be a community clean-up day on September 23rd.

 We look forward to sharing many more, and if you are a family that would like to submit a blog entry, please contact the family services department at


Pottstown Community Action Committee Value Statement

Our first goal is to put the word neighbor back in the hood, therefore we recognize this takes courage. We all share the hope that our group can spread this inspiration, therefore bringing about the cure to the things that need to be done in the community. We commune in order to bring about unity, and by doing so our group has become a community in and of itself. We are the nucleus, that hidden seed in the pod that we hope would find fertile soil in the hearts of our neighbors. Our ultimate goal is to become a beacon, a ray of hope, that we can be seen as those who show the way.

Our current focus is the removal of blight and trash, or any other eye sore that manifests itself. We are not just knocking on the doors of the community, but we are knocking on the hearts of the neighborhood, hoping to open their hearts through trash removal, clean-up projects and unity projects. This means we must radiate love, which we hope will manifest itself and spread through these works.

Below are the core values of the Pottstown Community Action Committee that we have created together:

Peace – we hope to bring about peace and reduce violence in our neighborhoods
Unity – we are committed to working together towards a common goal
Inclusiveness – we are open to all walks of life to join our community
Community – we radiate love to our neighbors and welcome them to build a community with us

To learn more about this group, please contact Saroj Chettri, Neighborhood Revitalization Manager at