ReStore's Upcoming DIY Workshop- Join Us!

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By Elizabeth Hefner, Director of Development and Communications

A few weeks ago, I saw a video where someone knitted a blanket on their arm.  This seemed like a brilliant way to create a homemade gift that was not time intensive, looked fantastic, and was usable.  Unfortunately, I am not the most gifted DIYer. Still, I gathered the supplies, followed the video’s instructions. Before I knew it, sure enough I had tied my-self into literal knots.  After getting untangled, I decided to search the internet for another DIY that would not get me so "tied up" in the details.

Online, there were too many adorable ideas for something beautiful, simple, and practical. I knew that I could complete a project if I just had the right set of supplies and instructions but as a DIY novice, I can be pretty timid at tackling new projects. That's when it hit me…instructions are the absolute key to completing a successful project. I need step-by-step instructions to guide me, and I have found my perfect solution.


On Saturday July 29th  at 3pm, the Habitat ReStore in West Norriton will be hosting a DIY workshop. During the workshop, DIY master, Darla DeMorrow, will teach everyone how to make Photo Tile Coasters. Darla is a certified professional organizer, decorator, speaker, DIYer, and the owner of HeartWork Organizing.  She is a fantastic teacher, and she will help every DIY novice gain skills and confidence to tackle new and exciting projects.

For this project, we are transferring photos onto tiles and then sealing them. The coasters will utilize tiles from the ReStore, guests can use their very own photos. By transferring images instead of using glue to attach the pictures, these photo coasters will stand the test of time, and nothing will peal off. At the end of the workshop, you will have six fantastic coasters that are beautiful and practical. I haven’t decided if I will make a one set with photos of my dad and I for his 65th birthday, or if I will make pairs of coasters for all of my friends with summer birthdays. Either way, I know that with the instruction from Darla DeMorrow, this project will be a success!

To help raised funds to build more Habitat homes, and to cover the cost of supplies, we are asking that you donate $20 to participate in the class.Habitat will provide all of the additionally supplies you need.  This is going to be a fantastic event. To learn more about this workshop or to sign-up, please visit

We look forward to seeing you on July 291